Campervan, motorhome hire & rental

 We are associated with some of the largest campervan and motorhome hire & rental companies in Europe as well as their opposite numbers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA where the same vehicles may well be called RV's.


Campervan & motorhome hire
Campervan & motorhome hire

On our page for the UK are the types of campervan and motorhome available for hire, and these are duplicated across Europe and other countries such as Canada and the USA.


Some people become confused as to the differences between campervans and motorhomes. Basically The term campervan usually refers to a smaller 2 to 3 berth vehicle. While many campervans include bathrooms and kitchens, they are typically more compact than the average motorhome and so are correspondingly less to hire.  


4 berth Motorhome
4 berth motorhome for hire

Motorhomes are larger 2 to 6 berth vehicles, generally built on a long-wheel base. Motorhomes usually include kitchen and bathroom facilities, as well as other features typically found in a home (e.g. television, DVD player, air conditioning). Motorhome hire is a tad more expensive than campervan hire because of the extra size and appointments of the motorhome.


RV (Recreational Vehicle)

RV is an umbrella term popular in North America used to describe motorised vehicles used for camping. RV can be used to refer to both motorhomes and campervans.